God has allowed us to support the following missionaries through our Faith Promise Giving.
  1. John and Sandy Bailes
  2. Ron and Brenda Barnes
  3. John and Jean Baughman
  4. Bill and Laurie Blomberg
  5. Mark and Leslie Boyd
  6. Kent and Vicky Boykin
  7. Benjamin and Patricia Broyles
  8. Sean and Suzanne Canavan
  9. Eric and Christy Champion
  10. Judy Ferguson
  11. Graham and Melinda Forbes
  12. John and Paula Gardner
  13. Tom and Linda Gilmer
  14. Good Shepherd Children's Home
  15. Tony and Suanne Harmon
  16. Kim H.
  17. Michael and Martha Hart
  18. Bob and Jennifer Lawson
  19. Kouami and Afi Midekor
  20. Alan and Jan Patterson
  21. Bill and Becky Petite
  22. Ray and Annette Ronk
  23. Curtis and Sue Sayre
  24. Donna Stallings
  25. Joanne Tompkins
  26. Art and Peggie Williams
  27. The Care Center